NZ Super Colostrum


Super Colostrum is produced from the colostrum of New Zealand pasture-raised dairy cows . It is dense in antibodies, nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Since Ayurvedic times 2000 years ago colostrum has been used for supporting the immune system, and over the years has been used for Allergies, Arthritis, Diarrhea, Digestive disturbances and digestive infections, rheumatoid arthritis, Immunity, Leaky Gut Syndrome, bone density, stimulating appetite, and fighting bacterial and viral infections.


What do the capsules contain?
Each 500mg gelatin capsule contains 100% pure bovine colostrum.

What’s the dose?
The usual dose is 2 capsules per day with a glass of water. In times of sickness take up to 10 capsules per day

What is immunoglobulin?
Immunogobulin plays a large roll in Super Colostrums effectiveness at managing disease. Also know as an antibody, immunoglobulin is a large, Y-shaped protein  that is used by the immune system to neutralise pathogens such as pathogenic (bad) bacteria and viruses.

Are there any precautions?
If you are allergic to cow’s milk or milk products, you may also be allergic to bovine colostrum.

Is there drug interactions?
There is no known drug interactions, but that does not mean they don’t exist, If you have any serious health concerns or taking other medications check with your doctor first.

Is there any side effects?
Side effects are rare, but there has been known cases of anxiety, logorrhea, and insomnia. If you have any side effects stop taking and consult your doctor.