High Absorbtion Magnesium


High Absorption Magnesium contains a bioavailable form of magnesium called magnesium glycinate. Magnesium glycinate is a supplement that boosts magnesium levels in people with magnesium deficiency.Magnesium is a crucial mineral to the human body. It is the second most abundant element inside human cells and the fourth most abundant positively charged ion in the human body.


It serves hundreds of different functions. As an adult, your body contains about 25g of magnesium. About 50-60% of that magnesium is located in bones and the rest in soft tissues.


  • nervous System Support
  • Supports Energy Production
  • Supports Healthy Bone
  • Supports Cardiovascular Health
  • Supports muscle cramps and overall relaxation


Take 2 capsules once or twice per day, on an empty stomach with water or as advised by your doctor.


Whats does it contain?
Each capsule contains 600mg of Magnesium glycinate salts, containing 14% of highly bioavailable elemental magnesium, along with of Vitamin B6 and B1 to help with the boilogical processes.


Are there side effects?
Side effects can include upset stomach and diarrhea, these side-effects can be reduced by taking with food or lowering your dose. More serious known side effects include lowered blood pressure, sweating, flushing stupor and low core body temperature. If you have any bad side effects stop taking and consult your doctor.


Is there drug interactions?
Magnesium chloride can interact with other drugs. If you are taking other drugs or supplements check with your doctor first. Do not take when pregnant or breast feeding without a doctors permission.


How Long Does Delivery take?
Orders are shipped daily Monday to Friday. If you order before 2pm you will receive it the following business day. We will email you a notification and tracking number once your order is dispatched.


Is it Guaranteed?
Yes. We only manufacture and sell the most quality and effective products. So can offer a 100% Satisfaction, 30 day, money back guarantee.