Graviola Max Capsules


Bringing together graviola and mountain graviola, this potent natural remedy features the new and powerful acetogenin chemicals.


Several scientific studies on these two elements have found the beneficial effects to be rather dramatic and potent—with mountain graviola possessing 108 of these acetogenins and graviola having 82.

On top of these, graviola (annona muricata) is found to be highly infused with antioxidant properties. Compounds like saponins, terpenoids, alkaloids, flavonoids, cardiac glycosides, phenols, and phytosterols all combine to combat disease-bearing cells and tumors. It has also been proven to be quite capable when it comes to cardiac strengthening, decongestion, digestion assistance, fever reduction, nerve soothing, and even virus combating.

Lastly, extracts from graviola leaves also showcase anti-inflammatory properties on top of its antimicrobial characteristics. This makes it a healthy, natural alternative to pharmaceutical equivalents. We use no chemical binders and fillers in our product with the capsules being 100% pure, milled graviola powder.


Suggested Use

Take 3 capsules 3-4 times or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Each bottle contains 120 capsules.



Not to be used during maternity or breast-feeding.
People with low blood pressure ought to monitor their blood pressure consequently.
If you’re using Graviola for longer than thirty days, it’s advised that probiotics (acidophilus and/or bifidium in yoghurt or capsule form) and digestive enzymes could also be helpful to keep up healthy intestinal balance.


Drug Interactions

None are reported; but, based on animal studies, graviola might potentiate antihypertensive drug and cardiac depressant medication.



A pure mix of graviola leaf and stem (Annona muricata), and mountain graviola leaf and stem (Annona montana).